Training fees are as follows:

* Annual club membership: £20

* Annual student insurance: £6

* Mat fee (per session): £5

The membership and mat fees cover the following costs:

  • Hire of training locations (both premises are operated by third parties, who charge us a fee for the use of the mat space). Any surplus funds also help us keep the mat fee to a consistent £5 on those occasions where there are not enough people present to cover the cost of the premises.
  • Instructors' insurance and CRB certification.
  • Ensuring that members can buy aikido clothing and equipment at a reasonable cost, so that the cost does not represent a barrier to practice.
  • Costs (travel, accommodation) of visiting senior instructors.

You can contact us by email or phone, or by coming to see us shortly before or after a class (see When and where we practise for details).

Email address/SMS: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Phone: +44 705 005 2931

If you phone and are asked to leave a message, or if you send an SMS and don't get a prompt reply, please drop us an email as well.

Our Privacy Principles

Respect for the individual is a basic principle of aikido, and we believe that should extend to our contact with you online as well as on the tatami. As a result, we take seriously your privacy and the security of any personal information you disclose to us.

Most online privacy violations arise out of excessive collection and inappropriate use of personal data. In particular, personal data is often used as a way of making money (for instance, by selling it to advertisers). We will not 'monetise' your data in any way; not by selling it to third parties, and not by selling space to advertisers. That is not the club's purpose or intent.

Personal data is also put at risk when it is transferred from one jurisdiction to another. We will not transfer your data outside the UK, and we will process it in accordance with UK and EU data protection laws. Although legal compliance is of course an important baseline, we will aim to exceed legal requirements by dealing with your data ethically at all times.

Our privacy policy is based on a number of simple principles:



If we don't need your data, we won't collect it. If we do collect data, we will delete it once we no longer need it.


  • There's no reason for us to keep a record of your gender, so we will not ask for it.
  • If you give us your email address, but then decide you don't want emails from us, we will delete the email address.


Clear purpose

If you tell us something for a particular reason, we will not use it for anything else.


  • If we collect your email address to send you club emails, we will not give or sell it to third parties so they can spam you.
  • If we collect your date of birth so as to insure you, we will not use it so the other club members can throw a surprise party for you.


Informed Consent

We will not use your data for anything we have not told you about. Wherever possible, you will have the option to say 'no'. We will do our best to give you relevant information about the risks of disclosure, as well as the purpose and benefits.

If we know or believe a member to be under 16, we will make every reasonable effort to ensure that we have the consent of a parent or guardian.


  • We need to disclose your name and date of birth to a third party in order to make sure all club members are insured; we do not think they need to know your address, so you will have the option of not disclosing that.



You may ask to see any personal data we hold about you, correct it if it is wrong, and be told who it has been disclosed to.

Our default policy will be that we do not disclose your data on your behalf - not even to other members - unless you have indicated consent as above.


  • Emails sent out to all club members will not display the recipients' email addresses. It is up to members if they decide to exchange personal data among themselves.



If data about you is stored electronically, we will protect it by encryption, password-based access control or both.

If it is stored physically we will take suitable steps to keep it safe.

Any duplicate or backup records will be secured to at least the same extent.

By default, your personal data will not be stored online (except, for example, if you choose to create a user account on the club's website).


  • Details stored on PCs will be encrypted, or access to the PC will be password protected.
  • Physical records will be kept as secure as is practical in a domestic setting.


In formulating these simple principles above, we have used a wealth of guidance from the following sources:

* The "Eight Data Protection Principles" defined by UK and EU law (source: UK Information Commission's guidance on the eight principles)

* Guidance on what is personal data (source: UK Information Commission's guidance on determining what is personal data)

* Guidance on keeping your data safe (source: UK Information Commission's 'best practice note' on securing personal data)

* We are also guided by the very comprehensive Data Protection Code of Practice published by JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee), and aim to comply with as much of it as is relevant to a small club like ours (source: JISC Data Protection Code of Practice)


We offer two training sessions a week, both of which are easily reached from Warminster, Frome, Bradford-on-Avon, Melksham and Devizes.

Take your first lesson free, as an introduction. If you introduce a new student, when they take their first session free, that session will be free for you, too...





Wednesday, 7:00pm-9:00pm 

Leighton Recreation Centre, Wellhead Lane, Westbury BA13 3PW 

 Leighton Sports

Saturday, 10am-12 noon

Leighton Recreation Centre, Wellhead Lane, Westbury BA13 3PW

 Leighton Sports




Our Saturday morning and Wednesday evening sessions take place at Leighton Sports Centre, Westbury.

See here for details.


2020 : New Year, New Path...

This month we are offering a programme for people who would like to give aikido a try.

We will run a "short course" of sessions designed to introduce new students to this fascinating discipline in a safe and supportive way.

The sessions will cover basic techniques, safe rolls and break-falls, and senior students will be on hand to guide you through practice.

Your first session will be free, and we will have an introductory offer for the "short course" programme, with the opportunity to join the club at any stage. 

These sessions will run on Saturday Jan. 11th, 18th and 25th, in our normal slot from 10:00 to 12:00.


Pick up a leaflet or ask for details, at Leighton Sports Centre

Aikido is a modern discipline with its roots in Japanese martial arts. Developed in the early 20th century by its founder, Morihei Ueshiba, and based on his background of rigorous training in traditional Japanese jujutsu, sword and spear techniques, aikido offers a comprehensive system of throwing, joint-locking and pinning techniques. It is effective as a martial art, but it is based on a philosophy of non-violence and self-fulfilment, and its essence goes beyond the resolution of physical conflict.

Ueshiba, often referred to as "O Sensei" ("the great teacher"), spent the latter half of his life developing his physical disciplines as a means of refining and uplifting the human spirit. He named the result 'aikido', which can be roughly translated as 'the way of harmony with natural energy'. Aikido is a true 'budo' path, in which training in a physical discipline is used as a 'Way' to spiritual growth. As a result, practising aikido has both physical and psychological benefits.

In recent decades, aikido has risen in global popularity while remaining true to the principles of budo. In accordance with the founder's ideals, aikido has remained distinct from sports, in which one person competes with another. Aikido offers a path for personal development, for people who want to fulfil their human potential.

Aikido is a Way

There is commitment and there is obligation.

Do not abuse or misuse the art of aikido.

Study carefully, honestly and humbly.

Respect your seniors and look after your juniors.


Sugano Seiichi Shihan - 1939-2010