Once again we are pleased to welcome Hanan Janiv shihan, visiting from Australia to lead our Spring keiko for 2019.

You are welcome to download and distribute a flyer for the event:   Spring_Keiko_2019.pdf

Provisional times are as follows, but details may change at sensei's discretion.

Sat 30th March

10am-noon - Janiv shihan

12:30-2:00pm - Janiv shihan

2:30pm  -  Gradings (Yudansha gradings are conducted with the permission of Aikido Hombu)


Sun 31st March

10:00-noon  -  Janiv shihan

12:30-2:00pm  -  Janiv shihan


All classes will be at West Ashton.

Mat fees: £5.00 per session



  • Please allow time to set out the tatami and ensure that the dojo is clean before training begins. We will also need to put the tatami away after the Sunday afternoon session - thank you for your help.
  • Please bring weapons, including tanto if you have one.
  • Please make sure you have shoes/flip-flops/zori to wear when not on the mat. This is particularly important after changing, during the lunch break, and of course if using the loos.
  • Bring some lunch...

And above all, enjoy the weekend. This is a chance to study with a top-flight international instructor who knows us well.

Practise diligently and with commitment... ... breathe, and smile!